/Euro Cup 2020 updates: England preparing for euro cup 2020
Euro Cup 2020 updates: England preparing for euro cup 2020

Euro Cup 2020 updates: England preparing for euro cup 2020

In 2018, the English National Team achieved something it hadn’t done for decades making it to the semi-final of the FIFA World Cup.  Last year’s World Cup was a crazy time for England fans, with Gareth Southgate, Harry Kane, and the rest of the team providing a country with the hope that football would finally be coming home. Football fans around the world can buy  Euro 2020 Tickets online to enjoy its outstanding performances.

While it was not meant to be, they made their mark in England’s football history, a history that stretches back to the very foundations of the sport.  The team’s performance gave England fans everywhere hope that the 2020 Euro Cup might give football another chance to come home.

As a club, England played its first international match in 1870 against Scotland.  Beginning in 1900, the Olympics became the first international series of competitions between nations and the FIFA World Cup beginning in 1930.  Just before that, French Football Federation secretary Henri Delaunay thought of hosting a continental championship in 1927.

However, he was able to generate little support for it until 1960 when the first Union of European Football Leagues European Championships was held in Paris, but England did not elect to participate and that year’s championship was won by the Soviet Union.

England would subsequently enter the qualifiers in 1964 but failed to earn a bid into the championships.  The country would not make it into its first Euro Cup until the 1968 championships in Italy.  At the time, only four teams who made it out of the qualifying matches actually played in the cup starting with the semi-finals.

Euro Cup 1984-2008

England would fail to qualify in 1984 and would only manage to achieve 7th place in both 1988 and 1992.  For a while, it seemed that the 1968 result with that World Cup team that included the legendary Bobby Charlton would be the closest England would come to glory on the continent.

1996 saw the UEFL Euro Cup bring the sport back to its native land as England hosted that year’s tournament.  Hosting the cup was an especially proud time for England football fans and their theme became “Three Lions” by comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner in collaboration with the band Lightning Seeds.

The song’s seminal line “It’s coming home” became, and remains to be, a rallying cry for the England National Team when it performs well in any tournament.  Unfortunately, England would only achieve its second-most successful result as it finished 3rd yet again.

Through the 2000s, England football never tasted the same success placing 5th to 12th in four competitions and failing to qualify for the cup in 2008.  2016 also saw a major scandal rock the English National team over third-party ownership of player’s financial rights and resulted in the resignation of manager Sam Allardyce as well as the sacking of several club staff.

After managing only one game, Allardyce was subsequently replaced with the national team Under-21s manager Gareth Southgate, so they went onto earn the job permanently and lead England to the semi-finals in the 2018 World Cup.

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