Ronaldo And The Refugee

His Smile Says It All.

When a Hungarian journalist tripped a Syrian refugee and his son, it was caught on camera and a now trending video that has led to a global uproar. With all the violence in Syria, there have been many refugees migrating in search for peace and to escape from all the unrest. This issue being very delicate, the video went viral on the internet. Amidst all this chaos, Zaid Abdul Mohsen and his father Osman accompanied by the brother Mohammed had an exciting treat at the Bernabeu stadium. Zaid had a chance to enter with Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of the kick-off of their match against Granada. The three spent the day at Bernabeu and enjoyed the company of other team players including Luka Modric, Kiko Casilla, Pepe and Toni Kroos. Cristiano Ronaldo had a kick-about with the kid at the stadium. Cristiano Ronaldo and the whole of Real Madrid community have passed a strong message in the support of refugees.

His name is Zaid, a Syrian refugee who has made it to Spain. And on Saturday, he got to enter the Bernabeu pitch with Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Zaid’s father, Osama Abdul Mohsen, became an unwanted viral star when a camerawoman tripped him in Hungary earlier this month. Zaid was one of the children who each football player walks on to the pitch with, before posing for a photo. At all moments, Ronaldo stayed by the young Syrian’s side. Thanks to