/800,000 Foreign Fans Love British Football
Foreign Football Fans

800,000 Foreign Fans Love British Football

Merseyside has enjoyed an £84 million boost thanks to visitors from all over the world flocking to Liverpool to see football matches according to figures from VisitBritain.

Almost 100,000 foreign football fans saw Liverpool FC at their Anfield stadium in 2014, and with each tourist spending around £855 during their stay, they represent a massive boost to the local economy. One in ten North West visitors saw a match during their stay.

And it’s not only Liverpool FC that are pulling in crowds from abroad. The country’s economy as a whole is £684 million better off thanks to vast numbers of international football fans (more than 800,000 of them) travelling to our shores to see our Premier League teams.

Fans from Ireland and Scandinavia make up the largest part of international visitors, but some come from as far away as Australia just to enjoy football on British shores.

A report from VisitBritain has found a total of 99,000 Liverpool FC fans travelled to see their favourite team live in action.

They spend an average of £855 on their trips – more than £200 more than a typical tourist trip to the UK – pulling in over £84 million for the Merseyside economy.

But the Reds are just one of the many Premier League teams proving to be a massive draw for overseas visitors.

The report revealed that in total over 800,000 international football fans travelled to Britain in 2014 to watch a live match, netting £684 million for the British economy.

And the North West has scored top spot in the research for pulling in the most punters.

One in 10 people visiting the North West went to a football match on their visit, according to the study, totalling 271,072 visits from foreign tourists in 2014 and marking the highest proportion of football-driven visits from overseas to any one region.

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