/A Day This Nepalese Lad Will Never Forget!

A Day This Nepalese Lad Will Never Forget!

A Day This Nepalese Lad Will Never Forget For Jetin Shreshtha, receiving a surprise package from Real Madrid Forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, couldn’t contain his joy. At the tender age of 13, he is an avid soccer player and dreams of playing for Madrid when he grows up. However, Jetin’s dream almost came to an end after being one of the victims affected by the devastating April earthquake that claimed 9,000 lives in Nepal. Jetin was having another normal day at his favourite playing field when the ground around him began to violently shake. He stood on the spot until the shaking subsided, then obliviously continued to play with his ball. Such courage from a young boy warranted Cristiano Ronaldo, a top football player in Madrid, to send him a signed jersey that read “To Jetin Shreshtha. Be Strong. Best Wishes, Cristiano Ronaldo”. Cristiano has also made a name in English Football when he was signed to Manchester United and also crowned 2008 FIFA World Player of the Year.

The youngster was playing football in April earlier this year when the earthquake, which killed over 9,000 people, struck the South Asian nation. Jetin stood still as the ground shook around him and, remarkably, continued to play as soon as the earthquake had stopped, unaware of the magnitude of what had just happened. “I love Cristiano Ronaldo, I love Real Madrid,” he said. “One day I would love to also play for Real Madrid, because I love football.”

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