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Spain To The Rescue.

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The world was shocked by the sight of a Syrian refugee being floored by a camerawoman as he ran from Hungarian troops near Roske in Hungary. Osama Abdul Mohsen was carrying his son Zaid when the now-jobless Petra Laszlo stuck out her foot to trip them in a field of fleeing refugees. Mohsen was a football coach before he fled his homeland and thanks to a humanitarian gesture by Spanish academy CENAFE, he and Zaid have travelled from Germany to Madrid with an Arabic-speaking coaching graduate. The school, which trains coaches, hopes to employ him in Spain’s well-developed training sector but CENAFE’s Luis Miguel Pedraza, a former national-level referee, says that the priority is to settle the pair and to teach Mohsen some Spanish. The school also plans to help with Mohsen’s asylum application for Spain, which has already agreed to take 17,680 refugees from Syria and elsewhere, as the crisis continues.

The Syrian refugee who was tripped at a border hotspot by a Hungarian journalist in an incident that generated global outrage is moving to a Madrid suburb after a Spanish football academy offered to help rebuild his life.

Osama Abdul Mohsen and his son Zaid were on a train expected to arrive in Madrid at midnight Wednesday, said Luis Miguel Pedraza of the CENAFE school that trains football coaches.

One of the school’s coaching graduates who speaks Arabic was on the train with them.

CENAFE Schools Spain
CENAFE Schools Spain

Mohsen was captured on video carrying his son when camerawoman Petra Laszlo tripped him and sent him tumbling to the ground in a field full of other refugees running from authorities near the Hungarian village of Roszke.
He ended up in Germany, where media reports revealed he had been a football coach in Syria. The school then convinced him to come to Spain, where he will stay for now in an apartment near the school’s training facility in the suburb of Getafe.

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