/The Football Shirt, Generosity and a Mean Heart

The Football Shirt, Generosity and a Mean Heart

A camera woman has tripped and kicked refugees crossing a country border. There’s various photo and video evidence which has gone viral and public reaction is generally negative. Society is shocked, angry and horrified and the camera lady has now been sacked. Greek man, Misirlis had recently met the father and son in question and shared the story of their meeting via social media. Misirlis and the father and son crossed paths on their journey, where the father explained his travels which were lengthy and difficult. Misirlis was touched and troubled by their situation and gave the only thing he had to spare – a yellow Aris Greek football t-shirt. This t-shirt is the reason Misirlis identified the two on various media sources. The controversy of this story is the compassion and kindness of the Greek man, the shameful act of the camera woman, and the hardship of these emigrants.

Millions of people throughout the world watched the viral video of the Hungarian camerawoman tripping the father and son. What many in Greece might have thought as peculiar was the fact that the boy was wearing a t-shirt of the ARIS soccer club, based in Thessaloniki. The mystery of the boy in the yellow shirt and anything we could ascertain about him was revealed, via a Facebook post by Angelos Misirlis— the Greek man who offered the boy his t-short from his favorite soccer club. Misirlis shared his story on Facebook: “A father and his son began their journey outside Damascus, crossing Turkey and arriving on the shores of Asia Minor, where they boarded a dinghy for Kos— hungry, thirsty, tired. But these two continued their journey to Athens and then Thessaloniki. By bus they went to Polikastro and then by foot to Idomeni, where they crossed into the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, where I met them at the train station. I didn’t have anything to offer them except the shirt in my bag bearing the logo of Aris Soccer Club. I have it to him so he could remember Greece— and Aris, of course.”

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