/Turkey Euro 2020 qualification much-awaited success story
Turkey Euro 2020 qualification much-awaited success story

Turkey Euro 2020 qualification much-awaited success story

The Turkish national football squad turned a new page after closely a decade of bitter disappointments by qualifying to the Euro 2020, conveying fresh hope to a country where football is the top sport.

Turkey wrapped up the qualifying stages of the UEFA Euro 2020 as the second in Group H with a 2-0 win over Andorra on Sunday. Euro Cup fans can purchase Turkey Euro Cup Tickets online to enjoy its stunning performances.

Turkey Euro 2020 qualification much-awaited success story
Turkey Euro 2020 qualification much-awaited success story

Specialists have said that this achievement gone to a rejuvenated squad under the wheel of qualified coach Senol Gunes, which has restored confidence in football.

The 67-year-old past goalkeeper took the post in February and directed Turkey to the third position in the 2002 World Cup during his first spell in charge

He substituted discharged Romanian coach Mircea Lucescu, following a sequence of bad outcomes as Turkey failed to qualify for the previous year’s World Cup in Russia.

Gunes went down in past and became the first Turkish head pleasing his nation to both the World Cup and Euro competitions.

This qualification was long-awaited in Turkey as the general squad ended dead last in the Euros groups in 2016, and it has not progressed to a World Cup since 2002.

In the very first game previous year in Konya, central Turkey, the state team managed to shatter France 2-0, for the first time in its history, showing that the Turkish football is not the sickening man of Europe anymore.

Arda Alan Interview

“The current achievement of the national squad certainly improved the country’s motivation and morale. A rejuvenated and clean-cut squad has transported an understanding team forward, bringing hope to supporters,” Turkish football expert Arda Alan Isik told Xinhua.

He, however, warned that things might go back where they were if a long-term program is not accepted for constant results by the Turkish football alliance and government establishments as he has faith in that the current achievement is the consequence of coach Gunes’s initiatives.

According to Isik, the next step will be more stimulating for Turkey who has to continue its fruitful self-justifying approach at the Euro 2020, joining it with a more violent offensive for the Turks, which will face harder opponents than in qualifiers to be successful.

The young Turkish squad has brought renewed attention for the national squad, crippled by bad consequences in the past decade and also by argument and a financial disaster that has obstructed the three immense clubs of Istanbul, Turkey’s commercial and football capital.

We have to guarantee that the Turkish people’s interest in sports, in general, be increased, not only via TV but also by local means and creativities, Isik added.

The Turkish Super League was considered fewer than a decade ago one of Europe’s strong leagues.

Match-fixing scandals, internal problems in Istanbul’s so-called big three football giants, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas, and financial debts, have contributed to the downturn of the national squad over the years.

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Turkey Euro 2020 qualification much-awaited success story
Turkey Euro 2020 qualification much-awaited success story

The big squads have labored under crippling debt and a lack of accountability. They have spent too much on foreign players, particularly on the aging ones with inflated sums, and are now facing huge debts.

Erman Toroglu saying

“Senol Gunes and his company of young players have transported back the love for the nationwide squad whose fame had worn over the years because of many reasons,” said veteran football commentator Erman Toroglu in Sabah daily.

Just as the national squad had hit rock bottom, good playing took the Turkish national team from the abyss.

Turkish followers were fed up with spoiled and moody players, commented Toroglu adding that Gunes restored faith in the national team which seems to be rise from the ashes.

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